What Does it Take to be Chic?

What does it take to be chic? 

What do you mean, “what does it take to be chic?” 
To be chic takes for a lady to be confident in her own skin. She must also be comfortable with who she is, what she wears and what she does.
No, not at all! It’s easy. I love fashion and beauty but I love them on my terms. What Marc Jacobs or Betsey Johnson says to love, I probably won’t! That’s just me, but it never hurt anyone to step into their own, build their own sense of style and move forward. I do it all the time!

Don’t believe me? Take a look below:
Taken in the bathroom while leaving
 work. This was taken sometime last fall.

Taken some time in June 2011.
You can never go wrong with wearing all black!
I’m never over the top, just simple. 

Me and my BFF hanging out. Again, simple.
I don’t follow those trends that say you
 need lots of jewelry to stand out. Too much would make me
 uncomfortable. I think the patterned clutch pulled my outfit together.

A night out with the girls. Again, simple yet chic!
I overdid it with the bangles but it wasn’t something 
that made me go, “uggh!” 

Accessories simple yet made a statement. 
I loved this outfit! 

4th of July Boat Ride in Cincinnati. Simple, yet
chic. The necklace I wore was from express and was
probably the most expensive piece (somewhere close to $60)! 
Well, shoes were about $90 but those are shoes!

Bathroom shot… I hate them but I love this picture!
A simple tank top from Target, skirt from last year or year before 
out of Forever 21, clutch and shoes two seasons ago from Aldo. 

Now… who says you have to follow trends to be chic? As you see, I didn’t!
Until next time,
Vernishia Renee

October 22, 2011. Beauty, Fashion, Saturday, Style.


  1. Tanisha Shulamit replied:

    Oww oww.. You go girl.. Love the outfits!

  2. Style4Curves replied:

    You look beautiful!www.style4curves.blogspot.com

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