How Will I Wear this Sweater Vest?

Last night as I was getting ready for my trip home to Cincinnati I pulled out everything under the sun in regard to packing and quickly realized, either I seriously have a piece of clothing that makes sense or maybe I’ve lost my sense of style.

Wait, let me go back for a minute, I’m not sure if I want to call it a trip, but for lack of better reference, I’ll call it a trip!

Okay, fast forward…

So far, I’ve managed one suitcase with clothes in it, a duffle bag with shoes, a small suitcase with underclothes and accessories, two small duffles one with uniform items and workout gear and then the other with hygiene and makeup stuff. It’s a shame that I have it like this but this is how I travel, I can’t have everything bunched up, it actually makes me cringe! One thing I do know though is this, it better all makes sense when I get to Cincinnati.

While packing, I went into my walk in closet to find this brown Hollister sweater vest (Platos Closet) that have some shimmery stuff on it. I sat there for a minute trying to figure out how I would put it together and then I looked down, a pair of dirty washed Levi’s were on a hanger and voila! I had an outfit, now waiting to figure out the shoes, I want to get a pair of brown Chuck Taylors. Others would have probably worn it with some dress shoes but I’ve got a different approach, I’m going to wear a white v-neck Hanes t-shirt under the vest and a few cute accessories and earring studs and those Chuck Taylors.

I’m anxious now just thinking about it! Well, we’ll see the outcome in a couple days or maybe even a week. I’ll keep you posted.

I don’t think the camera does this
sweater vest any justice

Until next time,

Vernishia Renee


October 25, 2011. Chuck Taylors, Fashion, Hollister, Levis, Tuesday, Vest.

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