What Places I Plan to Visit While I’m Still Here on Earth, Lord Willing

Earlier today, I came in from work, immediately grabbed my laptop and hopped on. As usual, I browsed my Facebook timeline, as if I don’t do that enough at work and at stop lights. I came across link post from Clutch Magazine and it talked about Idris Elba dating a white woman or something to that nature. I read it, shrugged my shoulders, shook my head and clicked on something else. The title was interesting, Fling, Have You Ever Had One?. Who wouldn’t want to read this? I sure as hell did considering just over a month ago when I was at home, a guy told me that he thought that it’d“just be a fling between the two of us.” Well, needless to say it wasn’t just a fling between the two of us, we developed interest in one another in a short period of time. Forgive me for straying away a bit, but before reading, I was hoping to get an actual definition offling, which I didn’t but I wasn’t mad at the end. By time I finished the article I smiled, sat back in my barstool with my arms folded across my chest and said to myself, “I’m going to London!” I immediately went back to my Facebook page and posted:

#randomthought I wanna go to London! I hear the men over there are stylish, handsome, and fun… and their accents are umm… umm… umm… ♥

Within ten seconds of posting it, I had about ten “LIKES” and a few girls agreeing with me. The word choice in describing the men in London had me on the edge of my seat immediately. Especially since I read the piece about Idris Elba! I thought to myself, if these are the words she used to describe these men in London, I sure as hell wanna be there, plus I love their accent. Even though there would be plenty of, “Huh, what you say?” and “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Could you repeat that please?” coming from me, they could talk to me all day!

These were Britni Danielle’s words (and where I got the idea for my Facebook & blog post:

After getting over the initial shock of the glut of interracial couples (I’m mean, I’m progressive, but I was starting to feel out of style), I found that British gentlemen are some of the most stylish, handsome, and fun folks I’ve come across in a while.

Whatever it was she was talking about in her written piece, is what I wanted to experience. Not the fling part per se, but the whole, ‘stylish, handsome and fun folks’ part. I’ve always wanted to go to London. I remember a couple years ago, matter of fact the year Michael Jackson passed away, I was in the radio studio in Iraq and I came across Michael Jackson’s This is It tour dates and London was on it. I was geeked! I told myself that I’d be going and was even confirming with a girl who was stationed somewhere close by (London area). She agreed and all I had to do was wait for tickets to go on sale. Well, needless to say the tour didn’t happen because Michael Jackson had passed. I was sad, more so for his passing than the concert and then I thought to myself, I guess I’m not going to London now.

When I got to Bahrain, somewhere halfway through my tour there, a friend and I talked about going to London, but it never happened.

Fast forward two years and I’ve become inspired again to put it on my list of things to do, take a trip to London, even if it’s alone. When I wrote this down, I begin to think about other places I want to visit and before I knew it, I had come up with 34 places I want to visit before leaving this earth. The biggest challenge is going to be coming up with the money to pull it off. Thank God for military benefits because most of these places I’m sure I can get a deal and the flights wouldn’t be too bad considering I can catch a Space-A flight for a couple bucks.

Wanna know what places I’ve come up with? Here they are:

1. Bogota, Columbia

2. Lima, Peru

3. Rio Di Janero, Brazil

4. Bangkok, Thailand

5. Manila, Philipines

6. Cambodia

7. Belize

8. San Juan, Puerto Rico

9. Tokyo


  1. Dubai
  2. Cairo, Egypt
  3. Montreal, Canada
  4. Toronto, Canada
  5. Vancouver, Canada
  6. Maun, Botswana
  7. Addis, Ethiopia
  8. Capetown, South Africa
  9. Johannesburg, South Africa
  10. Lagos, Nigeria
  11. Mauritius
  12. Nairobi, Kenya
  13. Casablanca, Morocco
  14. Amsterdam
  15. Athens, Greece
  16. Barcelona, Spain
  17. Glasgow, United Kingdom
  18. London, United Kingdom
  19. Madrid, Spain
  20. Milan, Italy
  21. Paris, France
  22. Wellington, New Zealand
  23. Melbourne, Australia
  24. Mumbai (Bombay), India
  25. Dhaka, Bangladesh

This is my list so far and I must say I’m impressed with what I’ve come up with. A lot of these places I want to visit has a lot to do with people I’ve met during my military travels that are from these respective places.

 I haven’t started saving or planning for neither of these trips, but I’m inspired to begin once I finish up some stuff I have going on.

 So, where is it that you’d like to go and why? Have you started planning for it? Feel free to share in the comment section.

 Until next time,

Vernishia Renee



December 29, 2011. Thursday, Travel, Vacation.

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